Incentive travel is a trip designed to motivate, incentivize, and reward employees or business associates. This type of trip could range from being given to one individual, all the way up to large group awards made available only after certain targets have been met throughout the year. Incentive travel is perfect for companies that don’t necessarily want to reward employees exclusively with cash benefits, but still want to make sure every employee feels recognized and appreciated.

You can use incentive travel as a team-building experience, networking opportunity, or simply as a reward for those who’ve earned it. Get the formula right, offer a suitably enticing award and the concept of incentive travel will contribute towards your team being motivated to achieve ever-higher targets.

Our Incentive travel trips are highly cost-effective and experientially rewarding. The benefits of an exotic trip, often with a chance to bring a partner, are intangible, too; employees feel a sense of bonding with one another and a feeling of being valued by their employer.

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