Medical tourism (also called medical travel or health tourism) is a used to describe the rapidly-growing practice of travelling across international borders to seek healthcare services. Services typically sought by travelers include elective procedures as well as complex surgeries, etc.

Wellness tourism, as a broad multidimensional concept, is composed by ten different components of the offer system: hot springs, spas, medical tourism, care of the body and mind, sports, nature and environment, culture, spirituality and events.

Yoga is fast growing healthcare therapy towards which people are getting aware and start learning yoga to live fit and fine life. Yoga tourism is travel with the specific purpose of experiencing some form of yoga, whether spiritual or postural. The former is a type of spiritual tourism; the latter is related both to spiritual and to wellness tourism. Yoga helps in physical fitness, stress release and relaxation. It improves muscle strength & blood circulation. Helps sleep better, betters bone and joints health, optimizes heart rate as a well as helps in focus and concentration.

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